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Migrate in hours instead of Months
Your pricing policy states you price by "migrated items". How do you define a "migrated item"?

A "migrated item" is defined as a single instance of one of the following: Requirement, Defect (Bug) and Test Case.

What makes up the actual number of migrated items?

The number of migrated items is the actual total number of Work Items (Requirements, Test Cases and Defects) that are to be migrated from QC to TFS.

Can the migration process be performed without a professional "migration engineer"?

Yes, certainly any competent user can perform the migration.

What QC elements can be migrated?

All Requirements, Defects, Test Cases, Attachments and links between the items can all be migrated.

What kind of attachments can be migrated?

Support exists for the migration of Item Attachments and Steps Attachments (Test Cases).

Can history be migrated?

Unfortunately, at this stage, history cannot be migrated.

Does Scrat support links between items?

Yes, with the linking ability of TFS, all migrated items have compatible links.

Does Scrat support Test Case hierarchies?

Of course – Scrat takes the Quality Center hierarchy and translates it to Area Paths in TFS.

Does Scrat support multi-step migration?

Certainly. The migration tool includes an XML repository file which contains all relevant information about the process. The migration details and the end results are saved in XML format. This allows for a gradual migration of work to TFS according to your needs.

Does Scrat support the Call 2 Test feature?

Indeed, Scrat creates Shared Steps in TFS based on the QC Call 2 Test feature.

Note: Quality Center enables defining Generic Steps inside Test Cases (Call 2 Test). This provides the ability to call a Test Case from any other Test Case. The current TFS version supports Shared Steps (Generic Steps) but does NOT support calling a Shared Step from another Shared Step. If you use the Quality Center Call 2 Test as detailed here enabling the "Duplicate" option is possible. Scrat then duplicates, in the parent Shared Step, the selected Shared Steps.

Convert existing Quality Center (QC) items to Microsoft TFSTM 2010/2017

About Scrat

Scrat converts and migrates all of your HP Quality Center™ projects and items over to Microsoft Team Foundation Server. The migration is quick, easy and a safe process that completes in just a few hours. Contrary to the manual migration traditionally employed by organizations, Scrat fully automates the process.

Scrat puts the control in your hands. Through an easy to manage wizard, the entire process is fully customizable. You decide how, to what extent and where to migrate your projects. All of the QC elements (Requirements, Bugs, Test Cases, Attachments and Links between items) are accurately migrated to the TFS including their interrelationships and links.

Test-drive Scrat today: download your free trial version now (which is a fully working version limited to 50 migrated items).

  • Migrate FULL HP Quality Center projects to TFS in days
  • Migration of all QC elements (Requirements, Bugs, Test Cases, Attachments
    and Links between items) to TFS and their interrelationships links
  • The most time efficient and cost effective migration process on the
    market today, saves 90% of migration time
  • Fully customizable (you decide what and how to migrate each item)
    or fully mirrored migration (migrate everything 'as-is')
  • Reporting system with export to MS-Excel
  • Support for multilingual data
  • Based on proven migration expertise, by Sela - Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Supports the latest Quality Center versions 9.0, 9.2, 10.0 and 11.0
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* Prices valid for all items included in one project.
* Additional projects add $700/project
15% for site license (50,000+ items)

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