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About WI Migrator

WI Migrator performs a migration of TFS work items environment from a Team Project to another, cross TFS collections / servers. A great solution for migrating between two live TFS environments, including migration to the cloud, from the cloud or between clouds.

  • Work items from source environment can be filtered by area/iteration/Work item Types.
  • WI Migrator attempts to create them in similar area/iteration path (or using default)
  • Duplication performed between work items with the same work item type name, and based on the same work item fields.
  • User can choose whether to save the latest revision of work items or all revisions
  • User can choose whether using bypass mode in target environment (requires admin permissions), to restore with original date and user field values.
  • Test suites refer to the migrated test cases, and requirement based suites refer to the migrated requirements
  • References to shared steps (in test case steps) are updated to reference the migrated shared steps.
  • Hyperlinks are created to link to original work items and original changesets.
  • On migration on same collection, TFS links created to original work items and original changesets.
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Better target your applications to customer needs through efficient customization. Wimbi creates new versions by integrating features instead of merging files. Transparently transform customer-specific requirements into product builds utilizing Wimbi's symbolic integration. Wimbi enables merging entire Work Items without requiring to individually collect all the Changesets related to these Work Items.
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